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"I have been going to Faith for treatment for several years now. I have been treated by various osteopaths in the past but having met Faith would now be loath to see anyone else if at all possible. She has treated a variety of issues with my neck, back, and elsewhere, and has the canny knack of being able to hone in on the exact - often inobvious - origin of the problem within a minute of setting to work. Her work is precise, fast, rigorous and absolutely thorough; a welcome change to some treatments that can feel as if the issue is being danced around: She is also extremely aimiable and accommodating to boot. I engage with my body extensively in my work as a movement performer and Faith is self-evidently, keenly aware of the specific needs of individuals who rely on their bodies for work. I recommend Faith to every colleague that gets run down or injured and don’t know of any of them having seen another osteopath since"

Al  S.,  Glasgow

"I have visited over 15 different osteopaths, chiropractors and physios over the past 20 years and I can safely say that Faith is amongst the best and most effective to treat me. Her ability to identify and diagnose a problem quickly puts you instantly in a place of trust. Her thorough treatments and deep muscle work get right into the cause of the problem and, unlike many people I have visited, I have always left with a certainty that progress has been made. She treats you with an honesty and clarity, keeping you informed of what is happening with your body and how it will react to treatment. I cannot recommend her enough."


Keith F., Glasgow




"I approached Faith Johns' practice in Byres Road Glasgow, because I had been treated by her previously. Treatment I received and still have with Faith has changed my life, from having suffered with years of bad back pain to now being in far greater health. The overall result is a greater quality of life - while at work and with family and friends. Faiths treatment and advice has always been first class. I would without question, and have done for some time now, recommend her to my family, friends and many work colleagues." 


John A., Fort William




"I needed help with my frozen shoulderI looked up frozen shoulder practitioners on the  internet and Faith had all the right credentials to treat a frozen shoulder. It took quite a few treatments, but it helped tremendously and I am now able to move my arm above my head, which I definitely couldn't do at the start. What I liked about Faiths approach was the great personal service tailored to my needs and that she offered a free consultation and demonstration which helped considerably. Whilst it could be painful at times it was fantastic as it did the trick! I would definately recommend her and I have already sent my sister in law to Faith."


Luisa B., Glasgow




"I approached Faith at first with a back problem.  Initially Faith worked for another clinic and it was luck that took me to her.  Since then Faith has been my go to Osteopath, replacing the Chiropractor I previously saw and also performing physiotherapy and massage roles when required..
Faith has helped me multiple times with multiple injuries.  Sometimes a spinal adjustment or two has been enough to get me back on my feet, sometimes I've needed her special elbow treatment to release my muscles and get me back on two wheels, and sometimes a bit of acupuncture has ridden me of pain and allowed me to get back to work.
Faith has always been excellent at making a heartfelt effort to help, whether it's with a tricky injury, ongoing issue or difficult appointment timing.  I appreciate the heart and soul she puts into helping me.  Faith has a wealth of experience in treatment, a deep and intuitive knowledge of physiology and a very practical and experience based approach to treatment.
Based on my experience I would recommend Faith for the following:  Spinal / back and neck pain and injuries including adjustment if necessary; Muscle pain and stiffness due to exercise, injury or lack of exercise and injury; Exercise and self-treatment guidance for long term physical recuperation and development."
Rogan S., Glasgow
"I approached Faith Johns because I have tinnitus. Faith helps me by ensuring that the muscles in my head and neck stay relaxed and unwound using cranial treatment. The result is that the tinnitus appears to stay within a reasonable range. One thing I liked was Faith's really deft and intuitive work. I find the experience practically effective and mentally supportive, as I don't worry so much about the tinnitus. I regularly recommend Faith to people who need experienced and practical help with structural problems, however subtle."
Alison C., Ayrshire

"Shortly before my first child turned one I bent down to pick her up and fell on the floor with excruciating pain in my lower back, unable to get up we called an ambulance. The ambulance came and I was prescribed bed rest and ibuprofen every two hours for as long as was needed. After a day or two of this and no change, I contacted my physical theatre pals for advice and they put me in touch with Faith.


Faith saw me in an emergency appointment swiftly after I first made contact and in that first appointment she was clear to she would treat it as a possible prolapsed disc and so to be gentle but thorough which I found hugely reassuring. Honestly, the work she did on my back that day will remain in my sense memory forever. It felt like she got to places I'd been holding tension in since I was pregnant. Within two weeks of regular appointments and a loaned back brace I felt better than I had done for over a year.


I pop into Faith for the occasional check up and her number is saved in my phone for emergencies. She is truly excellent at what she does and has a wonderfully down to earth approach. I would recommend her 100 times over to anyone."

Julia T., Glasgow





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